FIO Domain :germany
Current Bid 20 USDC
Total Bids 1
Current Bidder elneo


(20 Dec 2019)
Enter 25 USDC or more
How does Bidding work?
  • 1) In order to place a bid, you must pay a 1% deposit of your total bid amount.
  • 2) If you win the auction, the deposit cannot be credited back to you, and you will be required to pay the final bid amount (less deposit) within 7 days of the auction ending.
  • 3) If you get outbid, the deposit will be credited back to your account and can immediately be used for bidding again (or used to reserve a FIO Address on a wallet's domain).
  • 4) No unused credits can be refunded in either fiat or crypto. However, additional options for how to use your remaining funds will be made available.
    See FAQ for more information